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It has been said that when you write it down, you are closer to becoming.

Thank you for joining me on my journey!

I have wandered wide—seeking always to know the extraordinary in ordinary people. I have called several countries in Africa my home—mostly Mozambique—and I have worked throughout its mighty continent. But my journeys also found me in remote areas of Mexico, across the many countries of Europe and into India. And in landscapes across America, the place I was born. 


I have traveled deeply—across big chasms, stormy seas, tall mountains, dense forests, and flowing streams—alone, together, alone, to know the edge of my soul, to wander my unconscious mind, encounter my third eye (if lucky), and return grounded. Time and again.


These journeys—captured in words and images—and the breathtaking and striving lands, and people encountered, loved, and befriended along the way—continue to warm my heart, challenge my perspective, shape my world view, and strengthen my capacity to see—to see truth, to see the reality of an ordinary day, love in simple living, beauty in handmade, peace through design, outstretched arms where no where else to go, the potential of an awakened mind, 'knowing' in a glance, wisdom in tired, yet sparkling eyes, and the brilliance of a moment in time.


Words—written and spoken—designed, bring power. Images captured, change perspective. They cross cultures. Bring joy. Shed tears. Unearth beauty and despair. Usher in the opportunity of a new day, where hope and choice lives.

I use words and the lens of my camera to capture moments, reveal life, and express my thoughts, inspired by the balanced integration of people, planet, tradition and today. They come in many forms, often on random paths of thought and time, but always with the intention to visualize and bring to light all that is human and personal—from my then and my now. And always from my very small, and humble presence on this planet.


Thank you for using your precious time on earth to linger with me, just a bit.

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