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  • Lorraine Johnson

[100] Fences or Jewels

You travel far away in place

to know the story only you chase

the slush of snow, or rain that pours

down, down saturating the earth,

as you look to find the closest berth

as the water forms in pools

on the street like fences or jewels.

Jump over or wade through to reach a drier view

welcoming your foot, like a worn-out shoe,

or an unexpected pleasure that pushes through

the mundane and sameness of days

secretly hoping to be changed

to match the story being arranged

to capture what's meant just for you.

Slow the time, speed the dream

it matters none, the power beams

hold the light and jump through

to the first thing your story tells you,

not that of kin or the chagrin of others

no, don't put it in the bin—

the jewel's for you

jump over, wade through

either way, your berth awaits—you.


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