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  • Lorraine Johnson

[119] Start As One

Two start as one, held by clasping hands

like roots of ancient trees and sweet memories

that linger in the breeze

as whispering dreams gently tease

in tandem—near and far

—as the wind sways the grass

they become two in the looking glass.

One grows taller and stronger

the other, softer and slower

knowing eyes steady with a glance

as one's pulling force takes its only chance

their strong embrace sustaining the dance

as distance grows and shrinks

—in perfect, loving duality

and the heart evolves in a thousand blinks

—lulled by the purest vitality

they climb, diverge, and sync

awoken as two with hands still clasped,

as words are held and praises sung,

and footprints pursue ethereal sounds

of beckoning chimes—

as they both look back, oftentimes

to glimpse—forever and more—

the unwavering gaze of it all.


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