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  • Lorraine Johnson

[151] The In-Between

"Why do we prune the garden?" the little girl asked.

"So the branches can sculpt new beginnings," said the old woman.

"And why do we need the sun?" she continued.

"So the tree can turn green," the old woman proclaimed.

"And the water, why does it need water?" she persisted.

"So the tree can grow and transform," she said.

"But why when I sit by its side I can't see it grow?" she pushed on.

"Oh that, my dear child, is the awe of life!"

"Oh!" she said, "So I tend the garden by opening my heart and hands

and hold space for the in-between, like a flower about to bloom?"

"Yes, like a flower about to bloom," said the old woman.

"The glory of the tree," she continued, "is seen through the sparkle in your eye,

the curve of your lip, the gentle beating of your heart,

and what you do next."


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