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  • Lorraine Johnson

[157] My Kindred Spirit

Why do we gather

around well set tables

laced with bounty

with friends or family

or unknown faces

on cold sidewalks

where no one cares

in spaces with chairs

bringing us near

along wooden boardwalks

with coastal sounds

and no edges to bound

or urban streets

where darkness crowds,

and sounds delight

or build up fright

alike, disparate

we find ourselves

in the beat

or against the tide

with destiny at all our backs

pushing us onward

and onward, to the climax

yes, we gather

on earthen floor

with open sky

one known destiny

pulling us near

as a butterfly

that flutters,

making us stare

no need to despair

just walk beside me

my kindred spirit

just walk beside me

and all will soon,

be known and clear

no need to wait

till it appears

it's here now

with all its cheer

and great, big tears.


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