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  • Lorraine Johnson

[168] Clings To Cracks

Shared humanity tethered in dark spaces

as light clings to cracks and love fades

— ever so fast

religions echo hollow tenets

in the perilous days

that become longer nights.

Nothing works without trust,

nothing learned without difference.

Divine powers full of authentic grace

dream of virtue and gentle scapes

and young eyes play free, with all,

when no one tells them otherwise.

Yet—in the dust of an elder's rage,

tears drop, swapping smiles with full stops

no lollipops on counter tops

or balls to kick under sundrops

just misguided elders

and those purporting divinity

fighting recklessly over land and faith

—for centuries, not hours, days or even years.

We teach our children to play together

from the heart—be kind,

be gentle, as a feather,

be generous, share the table

listen whole, but behold,

an older soul, need not?


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