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  • Lorraine Johnson

[170] A Perfect Bloom

Grief found me in the hall

with heavy heart about to fall

around the bend the horn did blow

the melodic tune interrupts my flow

I can't ignore the persistent call

bringing moments from the past

speaking truths that holdfast

of young, enchanting hearts

that dreamed and shared a million parts

with love and culture pulling us

we walked unknown paths

we breathed the pulse.

Then hard truths, like raptors, knocked on our door

with hope always lingering behind each wall

till goodbyes echoed long—to a peaceful storm

tears fell, days passed, then the years, and distance grew

and a life once lived became—but a hazy view.

And now, a sudden beckoning pulled you into the light

and the memories flew back into my heart and into my night

dancing around like a well-worn shoe, we the free,

the good and the bad, all came through

the words written and songs we sung, for us and everyone

filled with lyrics and sweet melodies that still, roll off my tongue

traditional rhythms, the sweet guitar, jazz and fusion

and stories of joy— and political divisions

it was you, your destiny, it's what you knew

it's how you shared and pushed for change

and with all the light and the dark,

I remain forever grateful—for the boy we made.

Deep in memory, I sing the tune I've been waiting for you,

until the sun explodes, until the moon don't shine

waiting for you, I always was, to return anew as I once knew

as the rains of Ngwarangwara fill up the room

as I take rest with your new-found peace

turning you into—a perfect bloom.


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