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  • Lorraine Johnson

[173] Hope

I draw a breath

and plunge right in

to the wilds of the day

for what else have I

but these moments

of my very own today,

and the courage to believe

there's a reason for my stay

and a hundred tender gestures

that I can choose to give away

just as nature does,

in each and every way.

It's a mystery, a labyrinth

a paradox that's spread

right out in front of us

like the ocean, and the fields

and the wind upon our back

telling us something new

that we think we already know.

So I draw a breath

and plunge right in,

and between all that pulls and shoves,

I hope I find the space and courage

to stop, share and see anew

this one wild, tender place

where I can hope for a tomorrow

and try again today.


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