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  • Lorraine Johnson

[180] But Still

I'm going on a journey

down a cobbled path,

a path I newly found

but truly never left

I turn my head—right, left

and all the ways

I'm being fed

the veil of choosing

what is true, what is you

what is good and enough

rush there and everywhere

—the world can push you.

A breath, a pause, curiosity

is what tills the soil

it's the 'so what' of living free

when what is hot, is not

when you dare to care

when what's in front

turns small into big,

less into more.

I know,

it's been said.


dig deep into near

before the gentle

or sudden pulling

of impermanence

appears like a veil

creating distance

between the here

and the there.

Remember the whisper,

'all' is not the purpose

of the trek

no matter the river,

float in the rapids

do not resist,

or put on the wrappers

when the current stirs,

or the bottom sways.

Seed good shifts,

have hope,

make moments

—for you and others

build love,

create comfort


these are choices

that pull

far to near.

so valuable they are

there is no price

except for the price

of not pursuing.

but one day, if not today,

we will finally get

that the purpose

of the trek is how we spend

—the moment.

I know,

it's been said.

But still...


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