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  • Lorraine Johnson

[22] The Passing

Today is the day, carried on my back, a watermark of a passing soul.

So many settings of the sun and the moon live no more.

Yet your smile still fills the room like sand on a beach,

inviting me to savor the slipping crystals between my reach.

You dance precariously around my life,

as I sit with you at the foot of your resting site.

And I have come to know—

That no other smile can replace,

no other true love, nor warm embrace,

nor reassuring voice.

That memories do live,

to fill such voids.

So I rest my weary heart on the doorstep of yours.

I go forth into the day and build strength in the dark,

until we come to know each other once more,

in the passing of a single heart.

For you are mine—in memory

And I am yours—in waiting.


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