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  • Lorraine Johnson

[99] The Passage

Time opens a passage for which to step through

When we see one we have but a moment to choose

The foot shifts, it leans and then boldly it jumps

leaving behind moments in time, like feathers,

that float high up in the sky—

that even if returned or we seek for them to

—they will never be the same nor will you.

The passages are few—so ever-present one must be—

for it's in the instant of hesitation one needs to be steadfast—

as the moment so quickly becomes the past.

So shift, lean and boldly jump

into the moment of new beginnings

—never making yourself smaller in the light of someone else,

rather square your shoulders and believe

in the moment you boldly jumped through—

yes! move along, move along—and be strong and evermore.

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